Before proceeding, please ensure that your gamepad is connected via USB or Bluetooth, and that it can navigate the menus.

To start adding a gamepad, navigate to the Menu icon in the top left area and click on it

How to add a gamepad


Highlight the Settings option found at the bottom of the list and select it

How to add gamepad 2


Click on Gamepad Settings

How to add gamepad 3


Choose the gamepad number you wish to add a gamepad for. In this example we are choosing Gamepad 1 for player one.

How to add gamepad 4


Press any button on your gamepad to activate it

How to add gamepad 5


When the gamepad is recognised, the name will appear at the top of the screen.

How to add gamepad 6


If your gamepad has been recognised, you should not need to configure it any further and choose Save. If however, some buttons are incorrect or not recognised you can continue this guide to configure the buttons.

Use your gamepad D-Pad to highlight a button, then press the corresponding button on your gamepad to associate it. In this example the X button is highlighted, so you would press the X button (or similar depending on the gamepad) to associate it. Repeat this for all available buttons on your gamepad.

How to add gamepad 7


Once all buttons have been added, click on Save. A notification will show to confirm the configuration has been saved.

How to add gamepad 8


You can repeat this process for additional gamepads for Gamepad 2,3 and 4.