World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders

Sega 32x - 26 games

World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders

Platform: Sega 32x

Developer: Blue Sky Software

Publisher: Sega

Players: 1-2

Release date: 1995/01/01

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This game is the 32X entry in Sega's popular and long-running World Series Baseball line. It features a full MLBPA license, which allows it to have all 28 teams and 700 real-life players.

There are 3 main game modes: exhibition, full season, and playoff. Exhibition is usefull for a quick game between any two teams of your choosing. Full season allows you to play an entire Major League Baseball season. And finally the playoff mode allows you to play the games leading up to the World Series. Also included are two different home run derby modes, and a full draft and trade for creating your team.