RBI Baseball '95

Sega 32x - 26 games

RBI Baseball '95

Platform: Sega 32x

Developer: Atari Games

Publisher: Time Warner Interactive, Inc.

Players: 1-2

Release date: 1995/01/01

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This version is an updated follow-up to the R.B.I. series. Many of the same features from other baseball games are present and has three different game modes to choose from: exhibition, playoff, and home run derby, but what makes this version different from the others is a lack of MLB license, though it does feature a MLBPA license with top players of the time such as Roger Clemens, Otis Nixon, Bobby Larkin among many others.

Though it doesn't have a full MLB license, it tries to recreate the MLB experience by omitted the teams nicknames but using similar team colors and using the actual stadiums and redoing them without the distinctive trademarks. It doesn't feature a battery back-up, but does have a password feature for a player to pick up and play later if they choose.