RES is for use on Android based devices only, and is not compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux etc. The RES app should work with most Android devices using Android 5 Lollipop or above. We have guides to install on different Android versions and devices here which include Nvidia Shield, FireTV, GPD XD Plus and Android set top boxes and phones.

Emulators performance can vary between devices, we recommend a fairly up to date device to get the best performance for systems such as the PSP. If you are not sure, try the free trial first.

There are currently 27 systems supported.

Atari 800
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Final Burn Alpha (Arcade)
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Color
Game Gear
MAME (Arcade)
Master System
Nintendo 64
Panasonic REAL 3DO
PC Engine/Turbo Grafx
Super Nintendo

Emulators are always being worked on and improved as well as new emulators for systems being added.

Games are regularly updated. Please note that we believe in quality not quantity. We do not include multiple copies of the same game from different regions just to bump up numbers.

If you are using an Android TV device make sure that you have a web browser like Google Chrome installed. A valid web browser is required by Google and Dropbox to use their services.

In some cases the user authentication from those services is not designed to be used with a simple remote control and you may need a pointer device. Any USB mouse should work.

We are sorry if you experience those difficulties, we don’t control how those services work.

Press the remote control left or right and the keyboard should appear

Before playing any game, there is a screen showing some button combinations that you can use inside the game. One of those combinations is START+SELECT, that will display the Options Menu. That shortcut is done pressing and holding the START button, and while you keep it held, press the SELECT button.

This error happens when RES is installed in the Internal Storage and RetroArch in External storage (or viceversa)

Solution: Make sure both are installed in the same kind of storage.

Try this:

Uninstall RES Multi Emulator Add On
Uninstall RES
Install RES
Play a random game so RES installs the Add On again

Modern TV’s have lot of processing to enhance the screen image, that processing will add some input lag to your games. Most TV’s have a “Game Mode” that disables that processing, removing all the lag.

Solution: Make sure that you have Game Mode activated, or use any other mode that disables any post processing.

Read this for a detailed explanation: What is Game Mode?

First make sure that your gamepad is recognized by your device. A recognised gamepad will be able to control and navigate through the standard Android interface.

You can follow our guide here to set up a gamepad . In short, you have to go to Settings -> Gamepad Options -> Gamepad X (1 to 4 players). There you have to map the buttons in your gamepad because there is no standard for buttons layout, so you have to set up how your buttons are laid out.

Make sure that you are not confusing the zero with the letter O, and that you are including the dashes (-) between the digits.